Catastrophic Injury Claims

We call serious injuries catastrophic injuries.

What is a catastrophic injury? Examples include

  • Amputation of an arm or a leg;
  • Brain Injury causing loss of employment or lifestyle;
  • Paraplegia and some spinal injuries requiring surgery;
  • Complete or substantial loss of vision;
  • Complete or substantial loss of hearing.

This is not a complete list and the extent of your injury often depends on its effect on you.

Catastrophic  injuries can be caused by:-

Catastrophic claims are handled by our Senior Lawyers.

If you cannot travel due to your injury, we will come to you.

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Common Questions

How long will my claim take?

Catastrophic claims usually take longer than other claims because the recovery period is longer.

Catastrophic claims also require more medical reports to support your claim.

Medical practitioners usually require two or more years to pass from the date of the accident before they will write a conclusive report on the level of your impairment. Your level of impairment is the basis upon which compensation is paid.

The length of your claim is also determined by factors including:-

  • Any liability issues;
  • The type of claim ie is it a Motor Vehicle, Public Liability or WorkCover Claim.

We advise catastrophic claims usually take at least 2-3 years from the date of the accident before we are in a position to talk to the insurer about resolving your claim.

Our personal injury lawyers are happy to talk to you about your particular claim and the length of time it is likely to take.

Contact us on 1800 632 930 or submit an enquiry online if you wish to discuss a catastrophic injury.

How is my compensation calculated?

The amount of your compensation depends on your injury and the impact your injury has on you socially and on your ability to work.

You can claim compensation for the following matters:-

  • General Damages (Pain and suffering);
  • Past and Future Medical expenses;
  • Loss of wages and superannuation if you have been off work;
  • Care and assistance provided to you by other people;
  • Equipment required due to your injury such as wheelchairs, home renovations, work modifications. vehicle modifications and prosthetics.

For catastrophic injury claims, the amount of care required can be a significant part of the claim. These costs must be closely investigated.

Our personal injury lawyers can provide more accurate advice.

How much does it cost?

We conduct matters on a No Win No Fee basis.

You will never receive a bill from us unless your claim is successful.*

Do I have to go to court?

Going to Court is stressful and expensive.

We can usually negotiate a settlement of your claim before going to Court. We keep you fully informed during the negotiation process.

In our experience:-

  • over 75% of matters resolves at a Conference;
  • over 95% of matters resolve without going to Court.

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